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The Candle Curation Process – The Art of Waiting

Candles require a curing period, typically of about two weeks, mainly to ensure the best performance in terms of scent throw and burning quality. This is particularly true for candles made with fragrance oils (FO).

Here’s a few reasons as to why:

1. Fragrance Oil Binding: During the curing process, the wax and fragrance oils have time to properly bind and meld. This is essential for the candle to release a consistent and strong scent when lit.

2. Scent Development: The fragrance matures and becomes more profound over time. Burning a candle too soon might result in a weaker or less complex scent.

3. Burning Quality: Curing allows the wax to fully solidify and settle, which can affect how the candle burns. An uncured candle might burn unevenly or too quickly.

Burning a candle before the recommended curing time isn’t bad or dangerous, but it can lead to suboptimal performance. You might notice a weaker scent and potentially some issues with how the candle burns. For the best experience, it’s advisable to wait the full curing period.

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