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Come pour your heart out with us during any of our scheduled candle-making/craft-making workshops. Book and reserve your session today!

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Who We Are?

The Candle Company, operating alongside our interactive Candle Studios, stands as a beacon of artisanal craftsmanship in the world of home fragrances. From our headquarters in Sulphur Springs, Texas, we pour not just wax, but also care and creativity into each candle we create. Our brand is a fusion of tradition and innovation, where the timeless art of candle making meets the modern desire for personalization and sustainability.At Candle Studios, we extend the invitation to our customers to become part of the creation process.

Here, imagination ignites as visitors blend their own scents and pour their own candles, crafting bespoke pieces that are as unique as they are. Our studios are more than just a place to make candles—they are a space to create memories and a community for those who share our passion for the comforting glow of a well-crafted candle.

Together, The Candle Company and Candle Studios illuminate the essence of our mission: to deliver not only a product but an experience—a chance to slow down, savor the moment, and light up life's pleasures with a flicker of the flame.

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