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Gift Box (12 Mos Subscription)


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Gift Box (6 Mos Subscription)

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Indulge in affordable luxury with our Candle Subscription Box, just $14/month or $22 for a one-time gift box. Elevate your space with handcrafted candles, room spray, and a car diffuser. Explore new scents each month or surprise someone special

Hurry! only 50 left in stock.


Introducing our Candle Subscription Box, a delightful experience that brings affordable luxury into your life. For only $14 per month, or $22 for a one-time gift box, this offering is designed to elevate your senses and transform your surroundings. With our Candle Subscription Box, you’ll receive a handpicked selection of our finest candles each month. Crafted with precision and care, our candles are made from premium, eco-friendly materials and come in an array of captivating scents to suit any mood or occasion. Whether you crave the soothing embrace of lavender, the invigorating zest of citrus, or the comforting warmth of vanilla, our Candle Subscription Box has something to delight every preference. But that’s not all. In addition to our exquisite candles, each box includes a room spray that breathes life into your living spaces and a car diffuser to take your favorite aromas on the go. Our room spray infuses your surroundings with refreshing fragrances, while the car diffuser ensures that every journey is a fragrant adventure. The Candle Subscription Box offers the joy of discovering new scents and the pleasure of surrounding yourself with the comforting glow of candlelight. Whether you choose it for yourself or send it as a thoughtful gift, our subscription box delivers an affordable touch of luxury. With the flexibility to opt for a monthly subscription or a one-time gift box, you have the power to make your world a scented sanctuary. Subscribe today and let our Candle Subscription Box fill your life with warmth, relaxation, and fragrant bliss. It’s time to indulge in the magic of scented candles and elevate your environment to a haven of serenity.


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