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Private Labeling

Private Labeling Services

At The Candle Company, we proudly stand as leaders in the realm of home fragrance, crafting soy candles renowned for their opulent and authentic fragrances, meticulously hand-poured to perfection.

Private Labeling Unveiled: Private labeling with us means securing exclusive scented candles tailored exclusively for your brand's identity. Imagine offering your cherished customer base an aroma entirely unique to your offerings, one that's not currently part of our collection. We're here to fulfill that vision by procuring the exact fragrance you desire (or you can provide it), and then, with masterful artistry, we craft these candles for your brand, ready for you to rebrand according to your preferences.

White Labeling Explained: Conversely, our White Labeling service opens up a world of possibilities. We extend our selection of listed scented candles to multiple retailers, giving you the freedom to choose from our carefully curated range and rebrand them in alignment with your vision. Your customization options are boundless, ensuring a harmonious fusion of our quality craftsmanship and your unique branding strategy.

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Private Laveling 4

$25.00 $21.99 12% OFF

Private Laveling 2

$25.00 $21.99 12% OFF

Private Laveling 3

$25.00 $21.99 12% OFF

Private Laveling 1